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IJASVideo is your go-to location for children's books and classical literature translated into English, Russian songs and music, fascinating movies, unique handmade Russian souvenirs, and other entertainment and household authenticated cultural artifacts from Eastern Europe. We are owned and operated by an experienced team of professionals who have a true love for traditional cultural heritage that brings out contemporary living culture and defines our future.

Today, we sell Russian children's books and best Russian songs, classical literature, music, movies, and artwork. We also offer a select set of unique handmade & hand-painted European tableware & gifts, collectible souvenirs for interior decor, and other authenticated collectible artifacts online.

Traditional knowledge passed on from generation to generation calls attention to the intellectual history of cultural community. We offer household utensils and tableware made with exquisite taste and excellent craftsmanship with a modern treatment of profoundly studied folk motifs and latter day techniques. 

Spending time with your family is getting harder and harder. Spend time with loved ones immersing in your own cultural heritage by owning cultural products that help shape people's lives and discover how we can make the past part of our future.  

We love to talk about folk music and artwork as part of cultural heritage, so please come by with any questions related to our offerings, we'll be happy to chat and share insights.