Gzhel Hand-Painted Blue and White Porcelain Vase Russian

Vase Spring Hand-Painted Blue and White Porcelain Gzhel

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Russian Porcelain Vase Spring 

         Each piece is unique, hand-painted and signed by Gzhel artist 
A True Work of Art!
Stamped with the original factory seal    
Known throughout the world, the word 'Gzhel' has ample undertones of beauty, harmony and a reality intermingled with magic.
The festive blue-patterned porcelain is loved by people in all countries due to its makers’ exquisite taste, daring imagination and excellent craftsmanship.
All patterns are hand-made, as before, so every item is a work of art on its own. Still, contemporary samples are easy to tell from nineteenth century antecedents, with a modern treatment of profoundly studied folk motifs, and latter day techniques.
Made in:  Russia
Made by:  Gzhel Porcelain Factory 
Dimensions:   6.5" x 3"  or 16.5cm x 8cm
Materials:  Russian Porcelain 
Design:  Vase "Spring" 
Hand-Painted by: Russian Artist 
Color: Blue / White 
Other:  Each item is unique