Russian Gzhel Porcelain Pottery Handmade Signed Hand-Painted

Gzhel Hand-Painted Porcelain Scalloped Rim Serving Plate 'Butterfly' Signed Imported

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Porcelain Scalloped Rim Serving Plate 'Butterfly' - RARE 

Gzhel - Handmade and Hand-Painted Blue and White Porcelain 
Each piece is unique, hand-crafted and signed by Gzhel master H.R. 
A True Work of Art! 
Stamped with the original factory seal  
Known throughout the world, the word 'Gzhel' has ample undertones of beauty, harmony, and a reality intermingled with magic. Each white and blue porcelain serving plate is an authentic unique piece of artwork stamped by the original factory seal in Russia. Each serving plate is hand-painted and signed by the Gzhel master. 
The festive blue-patterned porcelain is loved by people in all countries due to its makers’ exquisite taste, daring imagination and excellent craftsmanship.
All patterns are handmade, as before, so every item is a work of art on its own. Still, contemporary samples are easy to tell from nineteenth century antecedents, with a modern treatment of profoundly studied folk motifs, and latter day techniques.
Made in:  Russia
Made by:  Gzhel Porcelain Factory 
Dimensions:   5" x 5.5"  or 12cm x 14cm
Materials:  Russian Porcelain 
Design:  Serving Plate 'Butterfly' 
Hand-Painted by: Russian Gzhel Master  
Color: Blue / White 
Other:  Each item is unique