Red Gzhel Russian Nesting 5 Dolls Matryoshka Hand-painted
Red Gzhel Russian Nesting 5 Dolls Matryoshka Hand-painted

Red & Gold Gzhel Russian Hand-painted Matryoshka Nesting 5 Dolls Set Import

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Red and Gold Gzhel Russian Hand-painted Matryoshka Authentic Traditional 5 Wooden Nesting Dolls Set  

Matryoshka was awarded a medal at the Paris Exhibition of Applied Arts as well as many other awards.        

Traditional Russian Collectible Toy
Each smaller Matryoshka doll fits exactly into the next larger Matryoshka doll 
Authentic, adorable and charming 
Each piece is unique and hand-painted by Russian artists 
A True Work of Art! 
This 5-piece Matryoshka wooden doll set is imported from Russia
All 5 Matryoshkas are made from linden tree and glossy lacquer finish.
Each doll is coated with 3-5 layers of crystal clear lacquer.

Made in:  Russia
Made by:  Russian artists 
Dimensions:   4.3" ( 11 cm) 
Materials:  Acrylic Paints, Linden Tree, Oil, Glossy Lacquer Finish  
Design:  Matryoshka Red and Gold Gzhel  - 5 Dolls 
Handmade and Hand-Painted by: Russian Artist 
Color: Red White Gold
Other:  Each doll is unique, handmade & hand-painted