Russian Matryoshka Key Chain Strawberry Meadow

Russian Matryoshka Wooden Hand Made Doll Key Chain Strawberry Meadow

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 Strawberry Meadow Matryoshka  Authentic  Traditional  Hand Made Wooden Doll  Key Chain   

Traditional Russian Matryoshka Doll Key Chain 
Hand made in Russia from linden tree with glossy lacquer finish 
Authentic, adorable and charming 
Each piece is unique, hand-painted by Russian artists 
Made in:  Russia
Hand Made by:  Russian artists 
Dimensions:   doll: 1.57" or 3cm tall  
Materials:  Linden Tree, Oil, Glossy Lacquer Finish 
Design:  Matryoshka Key Chain  "Strawberry Meadow" 
Hand-Painted by: Russian Artist 
Color: Assorted 
Other:  Each doll is unique, hand-painted