Russian Palekh Lacquer Eyeglass Case Winter Troika
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Russian Palekh Miniature Lacquer Boxes Winter Troika

Winter Troika Three Horses Russian PALEKH Miniature Hand Painted Lacquer Eyeglass Case

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Russian PALEKH Miniature Lacquer Eyeglass CASE   
Winter Troika - Three Horses 
Handmade and Hand Painted in Russia
With Soft Protective Inner Lining 
For Standard Size Glasses
Made in a Traditional Russian PALEKH Lacquer Miniature Style  
by Russian Masters of PALEKH Lacquer Jewelry Boxes   
The original blue, white, black, and gold Eyeglass Case evokes a special wonder of winter holidays and New Year spirit! 
         Great accessory or gift for family and friends!
Each piece is unique, handmade & hand-painted by Palekh artist 
A True Work of Art 
Imported from Russia         

Made in:  Russia
Handmand & Hand Painted by: Masters of the Palekh Lacquer Jewelry box craft 
Materials:  Gouache, Lacquer, Plastic
Design:  Winter Troika - Three Horses 
Color: Bright colors on black background 
Dimensions:  6" or 15cm
Other:  Each piece is unique, one-of-a-kind
Known throughout the world, the Palekh miniatures are handmade and hand painted over several layers of high gloss clear lacquer coating with local bright paints over the black background with ample undertones of beauty, harmony and a reality intermingled with magic.